How to create DSN of Ms Access

1- Assuming you have created database in Access named empdb.mdb(Microsoft Office 2003) or empdb.accdb(Microsoft Office 2007) in location c:\  eg- c:\empdb.mdb.

go start->control Panel ->Administrative tools-> Data Sources(ODBC) & double Click on ODBC ,you will the screen  as showing below

2- Click On Add Button and you will get Screen Showing Below

3-Select Microsoft Access Driver(*.mdb) or Microsoft Access Driver(*.mdb)  as shown above and Click Finish Button to get Next Screen Showing Below

4- Type empdsn In Data Source Name Text Box (Showing Above) & Click Select Button as showing Below.

5- Browse empdb.mdb in above Screen and Select empdb.mdb in left pane as showing Above and click Ok  to get Next Screen

6-  Click Ok Button  and you might  get next screen showing below (If Access in already Opened).

7-Close the Access Window and then Again click Ok Button and you will get Next Screen

8- newly Created dsn will be displayed as shown above ,Click Ok Button

Your dsn Named empdsn has been Created…………………………… Congrats….

How To Make Data Source Name(DSN) with  MS Access

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